What affects the price of alpaca wool duvets?

What affects the price of alpaca wool duvets?

Market has repeatedly tried to convince its recipients that the quality of the product is primarily evidenced by its price. Probably many of us consciously choose a product with a higher price, hoping that in return they would receive a product with better features than those of the lower shelf. Probably almost every consumer in the world has happened to regret such a decision. But what if there are actually products whose quality translates into their price, and this testifies to their undeniable quality? The product we want to tell you about today is the Alpacalma alpaca wool duvets.

We have many different types of duvets on the market. Years ago, feather or down duvets were the most popular. These are relatively light and provide good insulation against cold. The undoubted advantage of these type of duvets is natural raw material, often obtained from a source known to us. What happened so that they gradually began to lose their popularity? Unfortunately, they are not suitable for allergy sufferers. Duvets with natural fillings are those with sheep’s wool, camel or merino wool. Wool duvets are characterized by the fact that we can use them throughout the year – in winter they provide warmth, and in summer they do not lead to overheating of the body. Unfortunately, the above-mentioned types of wool have also proved to be unsuitable for allergy sufferers, aside from wool itself, they also sensitise mites, which accumulate the wool of these animals. In response to market needs, synthetic fillings appeared – safe for allergy sufferers, cheap and widely available. However, these products have a serious problem, which is ecology. These duvets are filled with polyester or silicone filling imitating fluff, produced on a mass scale.

And what if there is a chance that ecology will meet the antiallergic characteristics of the product?

Alpaca wool duvet is a product that combines the advantages of synthetic duvets and those made from natural raw materials. Many consumers, when considering the purchase of this type of product, ask us what the price of an alpaca duvet comes from? This question always pleases, because it becomes obvious that we have a conscious customer in front of us. People interested in products from the premium market always pay attention to the ratio of the benefits obtained to the costs incurred.

Elements affecting the price of alpaca wool duvets:

The quality of raw materials

Many factors affect the price of alpaca wool duvet. The main one is the quality of the raw material from which end product is made. Alpaca wool has thermal properties, although it is extremely light – it leaves sheep wool far behind – it is very warm. At the same time, it is considered a “breathable fiber” and thus wicks moisture away from the skin. So it can be safely said that under this duvet it is impossible to freeze or heat up, which makes the alpaca duvet a full-year duvet. Unlike sheep wool, it is not wrapped in lanolin, which is responsible for skin irritations and allergies. In addition, the lack of lanolin means that the wool cleaning process does not require chemical treatment, i.e. it is environmentally friendly. Alpaca wool is also extremely durable – the tensile strength is more than three times higher than that of human hair, so products made from it will serve for many years.

Runo alpaki huacaya w Stajni Klucz


The availability of raw material

Another factor affecting the price of alpaca duvets is the availability of the raw material from which they are made. Alpaca farms in Europe are still not as numerous as sheep farms. This is due to the high costs of buying animals, which range from several to even tens of thousands pounds. In addition, it seems problematic that the alpaca’s pregnancy lasts 11 months and ends with the birth of one offspring. This means that the chances of rapid herd growth are high, but only when our starting herd has a significant number of animals. Given their high price, few breeders are able to afford this type of investment spread over the years.


Alpaki huacaya w Stajni Klucz


Hand made

It is worth mentioning that the process of sewing alpaca wool duvets is far from mass production. The first stage is thorough, manual cleaning of the acquired raw material. Then it is washed in natural organic soaps and carded. Ready-made batches of regenerated wool are usually enclosed in coarse cotton. Hand-made, quilting points and appropriate stitching prevent the wool from moving inside the duvet. As you can easily see, the whole process is time consuming and makes the resulting product is made to a high standard.


Brand as a guarantee of quality

When deciding to buy alpaca wool products, the brand under which the products are sold is also significant. It is the brand that guarantees quality and attention to details. The Alpacalma brand has focused on the design of alpaca wool duvets, which combines a simple Scandinavian style and constant care for ecology.

Kołdra z wełny alpaki marki Alpacalma


Alpaca wool duvets are undeniably a premium product. Their antiallergic and thermoregulatory properties, as well as the fact that they do not absorb ambient odors, do not accumulate dust and mites undoubtedly delight the most demanding customers. It is a luxury product addressed to recipients for whom the health of the household, valuable sleep and care for the natural environment are not without significance. All these features make the Alpaca wool duvet the best gift that you can make for yourself and your loved ones.

If you are interested in buying Alpaca wool duvet – visit our store and check our products: Alpaca wool duvets and pillows.

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